Monroe Office

Start  up  clinics  have  taken  off  after
apprentices are trained  at  our
facilities. We offer classes on
(muscle testing  and  
saliva  testing)  along  with manuals
showing points on body to  test.

Call For a Free Brochure & Saliva
sample kit & Latest News Letter.

We Specialize also in  Essential oils &
Bach   flower   Remedies   for  stress   
& emotional   balancing . eating    for   
your blood  type  diet,  &  sell   wheat  
free   &   natural foods.

  We  are a  Holistic  Natural  Health  care
Clinic. Located in Monroe,WI .
We     use   herbs,   vitamins,   minerals,
enzymes, amino  acids,  &  natural   foods
that our Creator put on this Earth to use.

Appointments     are     available   for
Kinesiology  (muscle testing)  to find out
what  imbalances,  &  nutritional deficiencies
you have.
We  check over 80 points & suggest  the
natural  way  to heal.

Saliva testing
is also available to those of
you that cannot attend our  Clinic.