What Is Zeta-Potential?

The flow of life moves with the flow of  electrons.  All
of    life   moves   about   with  a  constant    interplay
between the  forces  of  ions.  Ions   are   electrically
charged  atoms or groups of atoms. Anions are the
negatively charged ions and are created through an
electron gain and cations are the positively charged
ions  created through an electron  loss.  In colloidal
chemistry the  term  to discuss the charge around a
colloidal is
Zeta Potential.

When    tiny   or   organic    particles   (colloids)   are
suspended   in  a  fluid,  the  negative  ionic  charge
around the colloid is what maintains the dispersion
or discreteness of the particles  of  the suspension,
the  mix of  the anions of  the  suspended  particles,
the  PH of  the  suspension.  The mix of anions and
cations   all         determine        the          rheological
characteristics.      Rheology    is    the    word     that
describes the study of the deformation and the flow
of matter. Rheo is Greek and it means flow.

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It  is interesting  to  note how  for  thousands  of  
years,    Chinese    medicine    has   always     
dealt   with   the concept  of  flow.   If you don't  
have   flow,   then   you  must   have  congestion.    
If   you   have congestion, then you don't  have flow.  
It's the Yin & Yang of life.  The up & down of
balance, the in & out of  health.  Flow in the blood  
stream is a function of the  
Zeta  potential  of  the  
colloids  in  the  blood.  If the    
Zeta    potential   is   
low,    toxins   cannot    be suspended  for   
elimination & nutrients  cannot  be suspended     
for      absorption    or        transported to the cell.

Increase  the
Zeta  Potential  and  the  blood  is
healthier,  decrease  
Zeta  potential and  the  body's
terrain could carry viruses, parasites, yeast, fungus,
cancer, etc. Change the PH and terrain in the blood
by using
Zeta Products.  A  lot  of  processed  foods
with   chemical  preservatives,  pesticides,   residue
and additives are of  a cationic nature  which is bad
for humans.   These  foods  have a   
Zeta   potential
lowering of  the blood and causes  problems. Take
Zeta   products  as   tested  by  a  practitioner  or  as
instructed  on  the bottle.   
Zeta products may be
the answer to lots of health concerns.